2 Week 2

  • Dates: 08/30/2021 - 09/05/2021

2.1 Lectures

Topic Video Mirror Notes
2.1 Control Flow [ClassTranscribe] [YouTube] [2.1]
2.2 Function [ClassTranscribe] [YouTube] [2.2]
2.3 Tuple [ClassTranscribe] [YouTube] [2.3]

2.2 Lab

2.3 Homework

2.4 Deadlines

  • Lab 01 - 11:59 PM Tuesday 08/31/2021

2.5 Lab 02 Details

2.5.1 Complete the lab02 Notebook

Using your command line, navigate to your NetID folder (cd Desktop -> cd stat430 -> cd [NETID] OR cd OneDrive/Desktop -> cd stat430 -> cd [NetID] for some of you) and fetch the notebook from our release repository by running the following two git commands:

git fetch release
git merge release/lab02 -m "Merging initial files"

ONLY IF you get an error related to unrelated histories, use:

git merge release/lab02 --allow-unrelated-histories -m "Merging initial files"

Open the notebook with the command:

jupyter notebook

Inside of the notebook webpage:

  • Navigate into lab02 folder
  • Open up the lab02.ipynb notebook
  • Follow the instructions inside of the notebook

Whenever you are done, you should save the current checkpoint (using File -> Save Checkpoint in the notebook) to save your work. Once your work is saved, you can exit the command line running the notebook with Ctrl + C.

2.5.2 Submitting Your Work

When you have completed working, you should always submit your work (even if you’re not quite finished). We will always grade the latest push you made before the due date (and ignore everything else) — submitting multiple times is okay and encouraged!

Inside of Jupyter:

  • Click File -> Save Checkpoint to ensure your notebook is saved.
  • Click File -> Close and Halt to exit your notebook.
  • Click Quit (in the top-right) to close the directory view.

After exiting Jupyter, your command prompt will return to accept new commands.

Make sure you’re inside your NETID folder when you run the following commands! Otherwise, you will receive errors.

    git add -A
    git commit -m "lab02 submission"
    git push origin master

You can verify your submission was made by visiting the web interface to github: