Exercise 1: Create a Branch

git push origin lab05

Exercise 2: Merge Branches

Exercise 3: Forking and Pull Request

Part 1: Forking

  • Go to the stat430-sp21/lab05-ex3 repository on GitHub Enterprise.
  • Click the fork button at the top right corner (it looks like this)

  • Fork lab05-ex3 to your own GitHub Enterprise account (that is the account with your NetID as the username).
  • Now a lab05-ex3 is created for you (that belongs to you, NOT the stat430-sp21 organization! Its name will be of the form netid/lab05-ex3)
  • Clone this repository to your computer.
  • Open the ex3.ipynb using Jupyter Notebook.
  • Add your solution of Lab 04 - Exercise 1 into a new cell in Jupyter Notebook.
    • If you did not submit Lab 04, then use my solution of Lab 04 - Exercise 1.
  • Stage, commit these changes and push to the remote git repository.

Part 2: Pull request

  • Go back to stat430-sp21/lab05-ex3 repo!
  • Now, click the “Pull requests” tab, then click the green “New pull request” button.
  • Click the option “compare across forks”.
  • Then, change “head repository” to YOUR repository (that is netid/lab05-ex3 where netid is YOUR netid)!
  • Finally, click “Create pull request”!

Bonus (1 point)